Can I perform a credit check on my prospective tenant

Yes, LANDLORDS WE DO RENTALS, recommends and use Tenant Profile Network (TPN) to all Owners to perform a credit report on all adults over the age of 18 applying for rent.

In terms of the National Credit Act Regulations 18 (4) (e) and (5) you must first obtain the consent of each applicant before you access their credit report. LANDLORDS WE DO RENTALS application has a clause that the applicant signs giving consent to access the applicants credit report.

If the applicant tenant refuses to provide consent for you to perform his / her credit check ? you are then not entitled to access the credit report. It is recommended that you decline the tenant?s application for rent.

Also if a applicant tells you that they can not give you their ID number to perform a credit check because they are under cover, you can tell them that they are no longer undercover, if a person is working under cover they will be able to give you a ID number to protect their cover.

Find a much more reliable applicant.

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