The Institute of Estate Agents Western Cape has been involved with the coordination and information collection to assist the investigators in a case against a couple who were involved in the robberies of ±three houses in Cape Town said Annette Evans, manager of the Institute of Estate Agents, Western Cape.
The institute is very thankful that communications and photos sent out via email led to the thieves, a young couple, finally being apprehended in Woodstock. The female was released and is out on bail at present and the male, however, is still in custody.
Their court date is set for 14th May 2013 in Bellville and the Institute is urging anyone who has information pertaining to this case or the thefts or have additional cases to report, to come forward so that the investigators can build their case against the alleged thieves.
The couple had been visiting show houses, in various areas of the peninsula and the female (calling herself Arianna) would distract the agent while the male searched the rest of the house for possible items of value. In all the instances that they were spotted, they arrived by taxi.
Anyone who has further information can contact IEASA on 021 531 3180 or email
While this couple have been caught and are awaiting their hearing, it is important for agents to monitor visitors to their show houses and agents should urge sellers of properties to lock away all valuables, or take certain items such as laptops, iPads, iPods, etc with them when they go out.
If the seller has a remote panic button, the agent should ask that it be made available for the afternoon of the show house, in case security should be needed at some point.
Most importantly the seller cannot transfer the responsibility of the contents of his home to the estate agent. While every care will be taken to look after the home and its contents, an agent is not in a position to indemnify the occupant of the property against loss.
From "Institute of Estate Agents of the Western Cape".

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