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We set up both EDUQ8 AFRICA and EDUQ8 INTERNATIONAL to help tackle the education crisis in South & Southern Africa and after years of concerted effort we have some serious momentum.

With the OBAMA visit to South Africa underway, the powerful 2 minute VIMEO clip mentioned below has relevance. The more people who see this, the this is a request to help spread the link/s via your social networks.

Thousands of South African children responded to Michelle Obama?s ?I HAVE A DREAM?challenge.

In 2012, EDUQ8 flew Carla van Niekerk, the 15-year old winner to Queenstown and filmed the powerful speech she delivered.

Her extraordinary message for and on behalf of dissatisfied youth has global relevance to learners, educators, politicians and adults alike.

Dr Stephanie Pace Marshall (our USA based EDUQ8 International colleague & partner) met with the First Lady in Chicago a fortnight ago and established she was unaware that Carla?s speech had been filmed.

DvD?s of the various EDUQ8 Vimeo?s have subsequently been forwarded to her Chief of staff with a view to having follow-up meetings in the future.

The ?I HAVE A DREAM? clip can be viewed on the following EDUQ8 VIMEO LINK:

Other equally powerful mini-documentaries we have filmed and produced in both SOUTH AFRICA & ILLINOIS can be viewed on EDUQ8?s VIMEO site:

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Heidi Raymer

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