What does your Agent / Agency do to earn their commission?
The majority of a Agents / Agency time is taken up with administration, managing rental properties is very administrative heavy, especially if the Agent / Agency strive to perform the administration of the property portfolio to a high standard within the various acts that govern immovable property rentals.
The activities of an Agent at LANDLORDS WE DO RENTAL can be broken down into the following;
Administration 50%
Credit checks of applicants 10%
Interim inspections 10%
Deposit disputes and other.5%
Evictions .5%
Farming for new properties 3%
Legal process in court and tribunal .5%
Renewals of Agreement to Lease 15%
Repairs and maintenance 10%
Tenants absconding .5%

When selecting an Agency to manage your property it work looking at how much time is spent on;
Legal process
Interim inspection

An agency that is spending more than 1% of its time on evictions and legal process, is a good indication that the selection process of the agency is flawed. At LANDLORDS we would do no more than 3 in a year out of our complete portfolio.
An agency should be willing to do interim inspection for you at no cost to you and provide feedback on the condition of your property and advise what needs to be done, and what should be planed for in the future.

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