What influenced you to rent the property you are living in? Listed are 12 suggestions, we would love to hear your reasons:

1. Air conditioning? or
2. Clean and tidy? or
3. Modern bathroom and kitchen? or
4. Maintenance, well maintained and done on time? or
5. A fair go, form Agent and Owner? or
6. In it for the long haul, wish to stay a long time? or
7. Security? or
8. Location? or
9 Home comforts? such as? or
10 The great outdoors? or
11. Storage area? or
12 A good Owner and Agent? or
13 Pets allowed? when the rules allow them?

This will help us to select the right properties to offer to rent and to advises investors on the type of properties that tenants are looking for.
thank you from the team at LANDLORDS.

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